New Album | The Philomath

A raw violin driven electronic voyage across the vast ocean of empty space between the lugholes.


Critical accliam for The philomath

"Certainly one of the greatest underground albums of the year..."

Wagner Hertzog - Hipster Minions

"There is a strength all its own in the literary and poetic quotes used, and it completes an atmosphere of olden wonder and aquatic gorgeousness. And to connect everything, there is a solid and meaningful progression through the instruments to link together the vocals and the various points of textural excellence."

Kelvi W. - Progarchives

"There's a lot going on in The Philomath, enough to warrant a philosophical essay, so let's cut to the chase - does it sound good? The challenge of dabbling in multiple genres means a record must succeed by the standards of each. It's got to be great electronic music, outstanding classical, exceptional jazz or else the whole thing crumbles to dust. The answer, thank the gods, is - it does indeed."

J Simpson - The Even Ground


The album is supposed to be a bit of an adventure across genres and themes, while retaining a violin/piano core. I wanted the album to speak so found voices in great poetry and amazing scientists (sharing my admiration for the spectacular awesomeness of the universe). I hope you like it.


Almost everything | Sam Morgan

Vocals on Isostasy and Core | Grace Marcell

Album art | Sam Morgan and Evy Novita


Poetry featured:

Vagrant | Charles Bukowski – The Soldier, His Wife and the Bum

Halley’s Comet | Stanley Kunitz – Halley’s Comet

Youth and Age | John Betjeman – Youth and Age on Beaulieu River

Core | Adrian Henri – Death in the Suburbs

Like Gravity | Jean Binta Breeze – Earth Cries


Scientists featured:

Carl Sagan

Richard Feynman


The Philomath was recorded (poorly), mixed (barely) and mastered (incompetently) by a total amateur (Sam) in a Balinese bedroom with one microphone and a claw full of dreams.